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We work with the results of science to help our customers generate new products.

Innovation and engineering development in the medical technology sector is our business.

GSG Technology Ltd, based in Cambridge UK, was founded in 2009 by Graham Gutsell.

We have worked with some great companies, both supporting them in their own programmes as well as undertaking direct ‘hands-on’ development on their behalf.

technology evaluation

technology consulting

disruptive technology identification

IP exploitation & avoidance

product specification

programme planning/management

new business planning & strategy

partner/supply chain selection

product costing analysis

The primary specialisations offered by the company include the following:


concept creation

precision mechanism design

microfluidics & thermal design

analytical modelling


instrumentation/machine design

materials selection


automated manufacturing


Among the many assignments conducted by GSG Technology, recent examples include work in the following areas:


DNA diagnostics 

Diagnosing disease at the molecular level provides unparalleled sensitivity and specificity. The scientific and engineering challenges, especially for devices that need to be used in patient care settings, are, however, considerably more complex than those in most POC diagnostics. Through a proprietary development and several external collaborations, we have acquired particular capabilities in this cutting edge field.


Minimally invasive surgical devices

Successfully treating both acute and chronic conditions, whilst minimising the trauma suffered by patients, places demands on engineers for a unique combination of innovation and rigour, both in device design and in the creation of the corresponding manufacturing processes. Our work, in interventional cardiology, for example, required these skills to be employed to the full.


Sensing and detection

From the detection of specific physical parameters by means of discreet detection technologies, through to spectrographic analysis, creates the need for scientists and engineers to work alongside each other and to integrate each other’s contributions. We have conducted client assignments in numerous examples of  biological, scientific and industrial detection.


Positioning and robotics

From the nano-scale and upwards, interacting with matter in order to precisely control its position andmomentumrequires capabilities extending from classical mechanics through to modern control theory.We have extensive experience of working with positioning and dynamic control in the physical and biological realms employing the latest measurement, actuation and control technologies.


Graham is an independent technology and engineering consultant with over 30 years experience of commercial product development, largely in the medical device/diagnostics sector, but also in instrumentation, industrial control and manufacturing. 

Nothing beats a nice problem to get him interested!

Graham spent many years with TTP, a technology consulting firm in Cambridge, UK, before deciding to make his unique range of skills and experience available through his own company. 



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